Euro Jackpot Online Lotto - About Eurojackpot


EuroJackpot is an growing lottery giving competition to biggest lottery in Europe - Euromillions. Euro Jackpot is a major transnational lottery of Europe offering jackpots as high as €90 million in Friday drawings. 18 countries are participating every week in Eurojackpot online lottery including Italy, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Iceland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.


Spain is the only European country where you can play for both EuroMillions as well as EuroJackpot. This multi-national pan-European lottery starts its jackpot prize from basic €10 million and rolls down to winning tickets in the next highest of the lottery's 12 prize divisions. That's what makes this online lottery very famous around the world.


Till date, the Eurojackpot jackpot has reached its cap many times. Though Euro millions has higher jackpot cap, the winning odds of EuroJackpot are considered as better than Euromillions.




How to Play Eurojackpot Lottery Online


The Euro Jackpot lottery follows similar process of ball selection as of Euro Millions. Lottery players have to choos 5 numbers from the pool of 50 numbers randomly. with this select further 2 euro numbers from  1 to 10. Both, Main numbers as well as euro numbers are drawn from different set of balls. So there is a possibility of seeing common number as main number as well as euro number in same drawing.


If you are lazy enough to choose lucky numbers by your own, don't worry. There is a "quick pick" option available to choose lucky numbers for your drawings. To win the mega jackpot prize, you need to match all 7 numbers with winning numbers.


Drawing will take place every Friday at 19.00 CET in Helsinki, Finland. If there is no lucky winner to win Jackpot then the amount is roll over to the next draw. There are another 11 prize tiers to offer eurojackpot lottery players more chance to win even if they can't claim jackpot prize.



Play Eurojackpot Online


If You are a new player, then online buying lotteries are easy to way to get your favourite lottery ticket. You can buy Eurojackpot lottery online from many agents like Not only this, but you can try for other big lotteries too such as euromillion, megamillions and powerball. Online ticket buying is an easiest and safest way to play draw as tickets are directly available in your account when you buy.


Also they check ticket on behalf of you when draw helds. And if you are lucky and win prize then they notify you about the winning as well as winning amount will be paid into your account. You just need to open an account with completing registration process, add funds and start buying! Simple as it is!


History of EuroJackpot


EuroJackpot was first proposed in 2006 to compete with mega European lottery Euromillions. There were many European countries that were not participating in Euromillions lottery and wanted their own multi-national joint lottery. That's how Euro Jackpot came in picture in 2011, after negotiations between these non-participating countries.


The first Euro Jackpot draw took place on March 23, 2012 and first ticket sale was started on March 17, 2012. The tickets were initially sold in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia. Eurojackpot game got its first jackpot winner in May, 2012 where a German player claimed €19.5 million in drawing of 11th May 2012.


Later Spain join this community of this lottery playing countries on 30 June, 2012. In the year of 2014 in October, Euro number limit was increased from 8 to 10. And of course, many countries were slowly slowly started to take part in this popular lottery. EuroJackpot has reached its jackpot cap three times, in May 2015, October 2016 and January 2017.