Euromillions Online Lotto - About Euromillions


Euromillions is a transnational lottery from Europe giving tough competition to two major lotteries of world - Powerball and Mega Millions. Euro Millions lottery was launched on 13th February 2004 initially available for UK, France and Spain lottery players. However, 9 European countries are participating in euromillions lottery drawings held on Tuesday and Friday nights with minimum jackpot price of €17 million.


Euro Millions is Europe's biggest lottery giving consistent biggest jackpots allowing many lottery players to check their luck. with it's easy play options and affordable ticket prizes, this European lottery is becoming more popular among players. Euromillions online lottery jackpots can roll over upto mega €190 million or €216 million. 


This famous online lottery is perfect way to live a life of your dreams. You will find many lottery agents helps you to buy euromillions online ticket, such as buyonlinelotto. You can also choose UK Millionaire Maker option that confirms at least one UK player will win  £1 million with each draw.




How to play Euro Millions online lottery?


To play Euro Millions online lottery you need to buy a ticket of euromillions, so you can at Similarly other lotteries, you have to choose any five numbers from 1 to 50. As well as you need to select two different lucky star numbers between 1 to 12. You can also go for random number selection process in which your lucky numbers and stars will be generated by computer.


A lottery player can buy upto 10 play slips at a time. according to how many draws you want play, fill upto 7 lines on each play slip. you can play upto 4 weeks in advance. To win the mega jackpot of Euromillions lottery, a lucky player needs to match five main numbers plus two lucky stars. Make a note that lottery retailers stops selling of Euro Millions lottery tickets at 7.30 PM on drawing nights. The ticket sale for next draw starts on that same night at 9 PM, after draw completed.


Also, when you purchase Euromillions lottery ticket, you are automatically entered in UK Millionaire Maker game. The Millionaire Maker game ensures that at least one lottery player win £1 million prize.




What is UK Millionaire Maker?


you can say like UK Millionaire Maker is a complimentray option when you enter Eurommilions playing. You do not need to spend extra as it's included in ticket cost when you buy euromillions. Euro Millions players receives a unique code having combination of 4 letters and 5 numbers with each line on play slip. The Millionaire Maker draw take place alongside each main euromillions draw and if you are lucky enough to match the exact code, then congratulate yourself with £1 million mega amount.


And as specified earlier, this special raffle called UK Millionaire Maker guarantees that some set of players will become millionaire with matching exact drawing code. So I guess you don't want to miss this chance to get home this much big prize overnight! and that too with assurance.. Isn't that sounds good?


Euromillions Winning Payouts


The overall odds of winning each euromillions prize are 1 in 13. if you luck is with you then, you will match 5 main numbers with 2 lucky stars to claim big euro millions jackpot prize. There are 13 ways to win different prizes based on how many numbers or stars combination you have matched. However, if the winners of jackpot amount are more than one, then definitely you all winners are going to share prize money. Plus, Millionaire Maker is an additional win with all this!


Following table shows the winning prize according to numbers matched:


Match Prize
5 numbers + 2 lucky stars Jackpot
5 numbers + 1 lucky star € 303,798
5 numbers € 31,448
4 numbers + 2 lucky stars € 3,076
4 numbers + 1 lucky star € 164
3 numbers + 2 lucky stars € 102
4 numbers € 59
2 numbers + 2 lucky stars € 19
3 numbers + 1 lucky star € 14
3 numbers € 12
1 number + 2 lucky stars € 10
2 numbers + 1 lucky star € 8
2 numbers € 4


How Euromillions Started?


Many of us are not aware of when euromillions actually started. It was all started in 1994 with a basic idea by Francaise des Jeux, organizers of France's lotto of creating trans-European lottery. However, the idea remain just an idea until the discussions, negotiations and disagreements between operators havn't sorted out.


Finally, after all disputes, on Friday 13th, February 2004, The European lottery - euromillions was launched. Though the day of launch was known as "unlucky day", euro millions online lotto has started to take a pick towards its major success with huge jackpots claimed one after another.


Euromillions has owner of having many mega jackpots winning since its launched dates. Doesn't matter if it's draw of July 2005 with €100,000,000 or SuperDraw of 2007. In November 2009, changes in prize of euromillions ticket was done as well as one more feature - Millionaire Raffle was introduced at that time that called UK Millionaire Maker.


Later in May 2011, it has changed its lucky stars limit to choose from 9 to 11. At the same time, with Friday weekly draw, it has introduces second week day draw on Tuesday to give more chances to players to win. The biggest jackpot in euromillions' history was won with massive €185,000,000 in later months that year.


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