Lorry driver won Euromillions jackpot

Lorry driver couldn’t believe on winning £665,000 EuroMillion Jackpot

A lorry driver, Jim Forbes, from Tayport, made a history with winning £665,000 Euromillions lottery jackpot. Mr Forbes asked cashier to check his winning ticket while buying more lottery tickets at local Asda.

Cashier tell him to call lottery operator Camelot.

“When I got outside the shop I phoned The National Lottery Line. I thought they would say I had won a couple of hundred or even a thousand pounds but then the call handler asked me if I was sitting down. When he told me the amount I was ecstatic, people in the car park must have wondered what was going on!”

Initially, Jim cried and did not believe. With laughter he says:

“It doesn’t happen to me. I’m a normal Joe Bloggs!”

50-year-old lucky winner and his wife Pam matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star on EuroMillions drawing.

The lucky couple has plan to visit New York for Christmas with their two children, Aaron, 19, and Chloe, 16. An Honest HGV truck driver’s wife is always wanted to do so.

The hard working couple want to spend quality time with family and friends. However, they don’t want to leave their jobs but will continue to do part-time.

“I’ve worked long hours all my years, including spending 22 in the RAF. This win really will change my life in that I can get precious time to spend with my wife and children.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. I used to watch Hawaii Five-0 and wish I was there, and also my years with the RAF sparked an interest in the historical aspect with the Arizona memorial. The dream is to walk down the stairs of a plane and be greeted at the bottom with a lei. I can make that come true now.”

Said Hawaii Five-O fan jim.

The lucky lotto player also plans to buy a new home. Adding this he says:

“An honest truck driver. A HGV truck driver. I’ve worked all my days. I’ve not scrimped and scraped but always sort of like watched the pennies.

Now we can actually look at getting things we’ve always wanted and to have no money worries any more.

The tears are in my eyes…its tears of joy.

Listening to that call again… it’s just great, it’s just absolutely brilliant you know.”

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