Playing lottery weekly pays off $437 million to New York co-workers

Habit of playing lottery weekly pays off very well to the group of Long Island area co-workers. The group has claimed the big prize of $437 million jackpot for the January 1 2019 mega millions drawing.

The mega millions winning numbers were 34-44-57-62-70 with mega ball 14.

The group of 23 members has claimed the prize through the New Life 2019, LLC. They choose to take the cash value of the annuitized prize, a single lump sum payment of $262,213,914 and will take home a net check of $176,155,308 after necessary state and federal withholding.

The New Life 2019, LLC representatives reveal that they used to play the lottery weekly. Every member of the group keeps a dollar in an envelope and one member buys the lottery ticket for the whole group from it.

The winning ticket was the part of a New York Lottery $5 Super Pack. This Super Pick game offers one Quick Pick game for each of New York’s jackpot games: Mega Millions, Powerball and Lotto. This happens for the first time when the Super Pack has included a winning jackpot ticket.

However, they all are at work after 2 days of drawing, when they eventually heard the word about they won the mega millions jackpot.

They all were crying, hugging and jumping in the joy that day. Many of them were didn’t believe and rechecked the ticket multiple times.

Most of them have the plan to continue the work here as they see themselves as a family and not just co-workers. Many of them have the plan to buy new houses, save for children’s college and travel. As the ticket was purchased from Brookville Auto Service on Route 25A in Glen Head, the retailer will also get $10,000 bonus for selling mega-millions jackpot-winning ticket. Buy online lotto and make your self wins one day.


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