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The Nagaland State Lotteriy is one of the most popular Indian Lottery, which is run by the Government of Nagaland. the lottery draw is on a weekly and monthly basis. Winners of this lottery can expect to make a lot of money (know as a best way to become millionaire).

You will find all the latest Nagaland state lottery result under “today’s Result” at Nagaland State Lotteries. You can also look for the most up to date information on all older results under the heading Nagaland lottery Old Results . Here you will gain access to a comprehensive database with accurate results from the biggest lottery in India.

Your lottery result can change someone’s life pretty fast. If you are playing Sambad lottery for long, you definitely know that it’s all about luck. Nagaland state lotteries announcing daily lottery results, and there is only one winner who will take the prize away.

So, when was the last time you were hoping for a positive lottery result?

How to Buy Nagaland state Lottery Tickets ?

You can also buy Nagaland state Lottery Tickets online from You can make the order for a lottery ticket online, make the payment through a secure payment gateway and we will have the lottery ticket discretely packed and shipped to your location, wherever you are in India. Three times plays lottery in every day.

Moreover, you can buy a Nagaland Lottery ticket for a draw of your choice, whether that is the Nagaland Lottery dear faithful results, dear sincere result, dear kind results, dear tender result, dear affectionate result, dear gentle result, dear loving result, dear eagle result, dear parrot result, dear falcon result, dear vulture result, dear hawk result, future infinite result, dear ostrich result, future huge results, future massive result, future immense results, future enormous result, future colossal result, future vast results, future colossal and bumper lotteries.

Nagaland State Lottery Scheme:

DEAR MORNING at 11.55 a.m. [SUN to SAT]

DEAR DAY at 4.00 p.m. [MON to SUN]

DEAR EVENING at 8.00 p.m. [MON to SUN]


Nagaland lottery Results 2018 regarding winner list:

nagaland state lottery result today publishes via sambad lottery result – Nagaland lottery today result view and download via sambadlotteryresult. Download sambad lottery nagaland state Lottery Today Result pdf file in one click. Nagaland state lottery publishes one result in the evening 8pm.get result from this site like nagaland state lottery result today, nagaland state lottery sambad, nagaland state lotteries, nagaland state lottery evening, nagaland state lottery morning, nagaland state lottery night result.

Nagaland Lottery Results publish daily lottery tickets including dear sincere result, dear faithful results, dear kind results, dear tender result, dear gentle result, dear affectionate result, dear loving result, dear falcon result, dear eagle result, dear parrot result, dear vulture result, dear ostrich result, dear hawk result, future massive result, future enormous result, future infinite result, future huge results, future colossal result, future vast results, future immense results, future colossal and bumper lotteries. We publish eve result, mor result, dear result, future result and all other Nagaland lottery result.

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Nagaland Lottery Dear Flamingo Results Evening Today 8.00

Todays Result | Old Results | Live Draw

Sambad lottery today result: Which Numbers Are Selected?
If you are new to this lottery, you should know that every day, there is a lottery result with draws in 3 times per day. The first Sambad lottery result is announced at 11:55AM, the second one is announced at 4:00PM and the last one is announced at 8:00PM for the day.
How to Claim Your Prize?

Nagaland state Lottery Samba Result Today Morning & Evening 

If you win the Nagaland Lottery, you can download the lottery claim form from this website. You have to sign the back of the winning ticket and include your address in that when making the claim for the prize money. This ensures that nobody misuses your ticket to claim your prize.
Nagaland Lottery Results is an official android app of Leaf Media Solution for Nagaland Lottery Lovers who want daily results right from ( We give lottery result live updates directly from Nagaland State Lottery Department. We are the fastest lottery result publisher.

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Nagaland Lotteries- Dear Parrot Evening result – Live draw

Nagaland lotteries live result – watch online today result – Online live draw on official channel – Nagaland dear parrot evening tuesday


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