Robert Stanton aided a house search with Powerball prize of $50,000

A utility worker from Anne Arundel County, Maryland is given a nickname of “jackpot hunter” by Maryland Lottery officials.

Even if this lucky player buys a Pick 4 ticket or scratch-off occasionally, he is always after the bigger money that biggest lotteries among the world – Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot offers.

Even though he missed the jackpot win, he was happier to claim a $50,000 prize for January 30 Powerball lotto draw.

He plays the two big jackpot games with all his family’s important dates as numbers. He has purchased his lucky ticket from 7-Eleven #24841 in College Park, Md for $10.

The lotto ticket had one quick-pick line of numbers while the other 4 lines of important personal numbers. And, that played the luck as he was one of the three to claim $50,000 in Powerball drawing.

“I checked my ticket on the Lottery App and immediately recognized four numbers,” said the husband and father. “Three numbers and the Power Ball is $100, so I was happy. I went to the 7-Eleven and the cashier told me that she couldn’t cash it. I was confused.”

He looked quite confused and shocked when with the cashier. He got his relief when the cashier was smiling at him and gave him a printout showing that $50,000 prize is coming to him.

“I was blown away,” he said. “I think the clerk was as surprised as I was. We had a mini-celebration, she and I.”

He was waiting for his wife to come home after he returned to his home in rush.

“I suggested that she sit down first – she didn’t – and then I told her the news.” His wife Suzanne recalls the big moment well. “I wish I had sat down,” she said. “My knees certainly got a little wobbly.”

The Stanton family are looking for a new home in the market and their Powerball lottery victory is a huge help with it.  

“We’ve been looking for a few weeks and have gone back and forth about how to handle a down payment. That conversation has gotten a lot easier all of a sudden,” he said.

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