Mega Money Mama lottery winner

Routine practice of buying megamillions paid off 1 millions to an anonymous lady

Sticking to the routine of buying MegaMillions lotto tickets of an anonymous lady called “Mega Money Mama” has make her won $1 million. This lucky mega millions lottery player was nearly to broke the routine of her on June 15, but eventually ended up buying ticket from Grinders Liquors store in Marbury.

The lucky megamillions lotto winner asked lottery officials to keep her identity private, because of which she was given a nickname “Mega Money Mama”.

After double check confirmation next morning, Indian Head Maryland resident discovered, the five numbers matched to her Mega Millions winning lottery numbers. Initially, she refused to believe about her winnings but soon came to the realization of winnings dream come true.

The matched Mega Million lottery winning numbers for the June 15 drawing were 01-11-37-47-51 and the Mega Ball 06. She matched all five numbers except mega ball number.

“I thought I had accidentally written down the numbers from my ticket instead of the winning numbers,”

said Mega Money Mama still in shock

She called her husband who initially thought she’d won $1500.

“She called me to tell me she matched five of six, and I figured it was $1,500,” said the winner’s husband. “When she told me it was worth $1 million, I told her to ‘Stop lying.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

The lucky lady was at work when she checked her numbers and found she became millionaire. With all the excitement of winning, this grandmother of three stayed at work and finished her shift.

The anonymous lady’s first priority after reaching home was to ensure the safety of her million dollar Mega Million ticket that she just won.

“I signed the back of the ticket, and tried to find a good hiding spot at home,” the 61-year-old Mega Millions lottery winner. “We did not sleep well that night. That’s when we decided to take it to a safe deposit box until we could bring it here to claim.” 

The lucky couple is unsure about what they’ll do with their winning amount, but probably plan to visit a financial advisor to see if they could retire from their jobs.

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