Armstron couple wins

$1 Million Mega millions prize wins by a couple with a dinner night out!

With dinner night out on May 11 with family, William Armstrong think to buy some Powerball and Mega Millions lotto ticket will be great this time. He buy each ticket of $10 while visiting Branson, Mo., area for dinner, wins them $1 Million USA Mega millions price.

The wife, noticed on following Monday about the tickets they have bought from Flat Creek Resort, 7847 State Highway 173 in Cape Fair, Mo., has sold Mega Millions ticket worth of $1,000,000.

 “I waited until he got home from work and asked him if he had those tickets,” . “They were in his truck, so I asked him to go get them. He was kind of annoyed with me that he had to go back out to the truck.”

said the Kansas City resident

Mary Armstrong match the Megamillions winning numbers after having tickets in hand. The matching winning numbers for May 11 drawing were 14, 38, 40, 53, and 70 with Mega Ball number 22. And they matched each number one by one, but not the Mega Ball number!

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“We were jumping up and down, crying,” laughed Mary Armstrong. “We always joked about winning. We don’t need $500 million; just give us $1 million and we will be good!”

This Mega millions prize winning couple plans to make wisely use of their money. Looking forward to his retirement next year, they decided to use their winning prize amount to fix up their home in Kansas City to sell and retire to their home in Branson. “She’s not letting me go out and buy any new toys yet,” laughed William Armstrong.

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